Signs of a Faulty Ignition

If you are having issues starting your car, it could be something else besides the battery. One component that may cause you to have problems cranking the engine is the ignition. We want you to be aware of signs that could mean your vehicle needs service, which is why we have listed a few signs of a faulty ignition below.

When the starter drive gear is overly worn, you will hear a whining sound when you try to start your car. If the ignition isn't serviced, it could cause the engine flywheel to become damaged. When you notice smoke coming from the hood, there may be a connection problem with the ignition or the starter may have shorted. If the smoke is accompanied with a burning smell, be sure to have it towed to our service center immediately.

If you need to have your ignition inspected, call our service center at Volvo Cars Plymouth in Plymouth, MA.

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