Summer Tips for Saving on Gas

Fuel Tips

With summer finally here, you’re probably going to be driving more than you have during the winter months. So, why not try to save some gas while doing it? We put together some tips that could help you save at the pump:

  1. Break Bad Driving Habits:This one may be difficult to do, but it’s worth it. If you’re used to accelerating fast and braking hard, you’re losing out on mileage
  2. Check Your Engine Oil: Quality of engine oil can affect your gas mileage. Be sure to check your oil regularly to ensure it’s up to par
  3. Monitor Your Tires: Tire Pressure impacts your fuel efficiency. And during the summer months, the temperatures can fluctuate, causing your air pressure to change as well
  4. Lose the Weight: If you want to boost your MPG, do some spring cleaning in your car. Losing that extra cargo could save you on gas

When it comes to summer, road trips can be the best part. But without trying to maximize your fuel efficiency, your wallet may not appreciate them. Hopefully some of these tips can help keep your car gassed up for longer!

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