Tips for Choosing Your Teen's First Car

A teen's first car is an important event. Getting a car is an adventure, and it is an opportunity for greater independence. Safety is a paramount concern. Whether selecting a new or used vehicle, many experts advise that larger vehicles with medium-powered engines are best. Safety ratings are excellent guides for narrowing the search for the first vehicle. These ratings include crash safety, handling, and braking.

Plymouth drivers know the importance of safety features like electronic stability controls that help maintain traction on wet, icy, and slippery roads. It is essential for young drivers to maintain control of the speed and direction of the vehicle at all times.

At Volvo Cars Plymouth, we understand the importance of the teen's first car. We can help find a safe, well-equipped vehicle that meets your family's size and style preferences. We invite you to come in and take a test drive today. Please call for an appointment or drop by today.



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