Tips to Prevent Distracted Driving

Distracted driving causes a number of accidents every year. We have established a few tips at Volvo Cars Plymouth to ensure that you can remove the distractions and focus on your driving.

Avoid getting too social when you’re driving. This includes limiting phone calls to emergencies only. Many phones can be programmed to send an auto-message when you’re driving so that the temptations are removed. Further, limit the number of people in your car so you aren’t distracted by what they are doing.

You should avoid multi-tasking when you’re driving, too. Don’t go through the drive-thru only to eat while you’re driving down the highway. Instead, go in to eat. Keep your cell phone out of arm’s reach so you’re not tempted to check emails, send text messages, or shop when you’re in traffic. You don’t want to miss what’s happening on the road in front of you.



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