Our vehicles make Volvo Cars Plymouth special, and one of the vehicles our sales professionals cannot get enough of is the Volvo V90, which is a luxury wagon. The wagon comes from the minds of those at Volvo, and it has impressed us and some Volvo lovers in Plymouth, MA. One thing that makes the V90 great is its array of safety features.

Safety Features to Mention

Safety is a priority for Volvo, and it has proven that with some of the following:

Tire Monitoring

A tire without the correct pressure could make it harder to control a vehicle. This could put you and others in danger, which is the reason Volvo now adds a tire monitoring system in many of its vehicles, including the V90. You'll know when you need to add air, and that will keep you safer.

Hill Assist

One scary thing about driving uphill is when the vehicle moves as you let go of the brakes and press the accelerator. Well, Hill Assist helps by keeping the brakes applied for a few seconds, giving you enough time to press on the accelerator without feeling like the V90 is moving backward.

Hopefully, these emergency features are enough to get you interested in taking a test drive so you can see the full power of the Volvo V90.

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