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Enjoy More Convenience and Flexibility with Care by Volvo in Plymouth, MA

Wouldn't it be nice if you could make one car payment that also includes your insurance and a maintenance plan? You CAN do all that, with Care by Volvo at Volvo Cars Plymouth. Care by Volvo is a program that lets Plymouth, MA drivers acquire a luxury vehicle by subscription. If you're not totally satisfied with your Volvo car, wagon, or SUV, you can cancel the plan after four months.

Make Only One Monthly Payment for Your Car, Insurance, and Maintenance

With most Volvo leases and financing plans, your monthly car payment only applies to the vehicle. Then…

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Save with the Summer Safely Sales Event at Volvo Cars Plymouth

If you want an elite luxury car that will help you stay safe this summer, get a Volvo. We believe no one should be seriously injured or killed in a new Volvo car. That's why each model is equipped with the IntelliSafe advanced driver assistance suite. These high-tech features use cameras and sensors to detect potential hazards and help you avoid accidents. Right now, Plymouth, MA drivers can save big on the top Volvo models with the Volvo Summer Safely Sales Event at Volvo Cars Plymouth. Read on to find out more about this exciting sale.

Volvo has been…

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Why Sell Us Your Car?


If you want to part with your current vehicle to put it towards a new or newer vehicle with us, then you will find that we make selling your car as quick and convenient as possible. We have streamlined the process so that you can enjoy a fair price for your car and walk away satisfied with the outcome. Selling your vehicle doesn't have to be a long, tedious process when you choose Volvo Cars Plymouth.

Find out why so many choose to sell their cars to us.

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Meet the Top-tier Service that Volvo Cars Plymouth Delivers to Customers

Our dealership experience goes beyond offering a great selection of new Volvo luxury cars in Plymouth, MA. We work hard to take our customer service further and provide every customer at Volvo Cars Plymouth with the services they need. Do you want to find a new luxury SUV or car? Is a pre-owned luxury vehicle what you will find gratifying? We can help you find the vehicle you have been dreaming of buying!

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Common Terms You'll Hear When You Finance Your Vehicle

Purchasing a new car, truck, or SUV is a big step. Lenders don't just hand out automotive loans to anyone. They require a wealth of information to ensure that borrowers are prepared to make payments. During the financing process, you may hear a number of confusing terms. We want you to make an informed buying decision, so here are some common financing terms and their meanings.

One common point of confusion for buyers is the debt-to-income ratio. Also referred to as the DTI, this percentage value is used to determine how your monthly income is dolled out. It represents…

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