Are you yearning to hit the open road in a spirited, luxurious, Volvo S60 sedan? Or would you rather cruise Hyannis in a posh, roomy, Volvo XC90 SUV? Whichever Volvo model you'd like to drive, it may be more affordable to acquire it with your trade-in at Volvo Cars Plymouth. It could reduce your down payment or lower the overall amount you have to finance. Volvo Cars Plymouth has an enormous selection of new and used Volvo vehicles to choose from at competitive prices. By trading in your old vehicle or selling it to us, you may be able to drive a brand-new Volvo for less.

Get an Online Estimate with the CARFAX Trade?In Value Form

If your old car just doesn't thrill you anymore, or even if it's on its last legs, it may be worth a lot at Volvo Cars Plymouth. We'll buy most any car, truck, SUV, or wagon, regardless of brand or condition. Of course, the newer and nicer the vehicle is, the more money you'll likely get back. You can even get a general idea of your car's market value online with our CARFAX Trade?In Value form. Just enter the vehicle's VIN number or license plate number, and you'll get an estimate of its worth. Double check the vehicle details to make sure the trim and options are accurate for your car, and then you're ready for an appraisal.

Questions and Answers about Selling or Trading In Your Vehicle

  • Q: Can I get a car appraisal done online? A: No, you can only get an estimate that way. You still need to bring your vehicle to our Hyannis location for a detailed appraisal.
  • Q: Do I need to make an appointment to get my vehicle appraised? A: No, you can stop by Volvo Cars Plymouth anytime - without an appointment - to get an appraisal.
  • Q: How long should the appraisal take? A: It often takes just 30 minutes to get your car appraised. Even if the process goes longer, you can still generally expect a written offer on the same day you brought the vehicle in.
  • Q: What factors determine the vehicle's assessed value? A: We consider a wide range of aspects, including the car's interior and exterior condition, mileage, model, model year, aftermarket modifications, and frame and undercarriage condition. Also taken into account are the test drive and the car's vehicle history report.
  • Q: Why might the written offer be different from the retail price? A: We use a wide array of post-purchase criteria to calculate our offer, including applying warranties, amount of reconditioning required, and inspection time necessary to prepare your vehicle for resale.
Selling your car to Volvo Cars Plymouth is a quick, easy process and you might get more back than you expect. If you were going to sell your old car anyway, make sure you get what its worth with the careful, detailed evaluation from our service center experts.

Bring Your Car in for a Fair, Accurate Appraisal at Volvo Cars Plymouth

After just a 30-minute appraisal, you could be on your way to driving a stylish, energetic Volvo car, wagon, or SUV. The money you get back for your old car could be enough to make driving your dream car a reality. Contact us, or stop by Volvo Cars Plymouth today and sell us your car!