Wouldn't it be nice if you could make one car payment that also includes your insurance and a maintenance plan? You CAN do all that, with Care by Volvo at Volvo Cars Plymouth. Care by Volvo is a program that lets Plymouth, MA drivers acquire a luxury vehicle by subscription. If you're not totally satisfied with your Volvo car, wagon, or SUV, you can cancel the plan after four months.

Make Only One Monthly Payment for Your Car, Insurance, and Maintenance

With most Volvo leases and financing plans, your monthly car payment only applies to the vehicle. Then you have to write a separate check for your auto insurance and make another payment for service. Care by Volvo makes things easier on people in Wareham by letting them do it all with one simple monthly payment. With Care by Volvo, Kingston, MA drivers can shop for a car online, order the model they want, and have it delivered to them two weeks after their order confirmation. There's no need to even visit the dealership in person.

Not Satisfied with Your Volvo? Cancel Your Subscription after Four Months

Care by Volvo is an easy way for people in Duxbury to get a new Volvo vehicle by subscription. If after four months you decide the car is not for you, you can cancel the subscription. Then you can subscribe to a different vehicle or purchase another car with a standard financing plan or Volvo lease. Care by Volvo gives Middleboro drivers the convenience of one payment for the vehicle, its insurance, and auto service. It also offers the flexibility of driving a luxury vehicle without any obligation beyond four months. Contact Volvo Cars Plymouth today to see if you qualify for Care by Volvo.

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