If you'd love to drive a luxurious Volvo vehicle, but you don't think you can afford it, let Volvo Cars Plymouth help. We'll buy your old car, so you can have extra cash to spend on a sleek Volvo S60 sedan, a stylish Volvo V60 wagon, or a lavishly appointed Volvo XC90 SUV. It's easy to sell your car at Volvo Cars Plymouth, and we can give you an offer for it on the same day you bring it in.

Advantages of Selling or Trading In Your Car at Our Dealership

When you're ready to move on to a better set of wheels, it helps to have some money for the down payment. Volvo Cars Plymouth will be glad to take your used vehicle off your hands, and we'll pay the fair market price for it. Trading in your old car can help reduce the amount you have to finance, or it may cover two or three of your lease payments. Even if you don't intend to buy or lease a vehicle from us, we'll still purchase your used car.

How to Get Started

Before you even come to Volvo Cars Plymouth, you can get the car-selling process started by getting an online estimate of your used car's value. Our website uses CARFAX to determine the vehicle's trade-in rate. By entering some details about your car, you'll get an instant estimate of its worth. This gives you a general idea of what to expect, but you still need to visit our dealership in person for a complete auto appraisal.

Answers to FAQs about Volvo Cars Plymouth's Car-Buying Process

  • Q: What does Volvo Cars Plymouth consider when pricing my car? A: We take into account several factors, including the model, model year, mileage, the vehicle history report, the car's structural condition, and any aftermarket modifications.
  • Q: Will Volvo Cars Plymouth check to see how well my vehicle runs? A: Yes, we take each car for a test drive to get a better impression of its operating condition. We also put it through a 125-point inspection.
  • Q: Do I have to set an appointment for a car appraisal? A: No, just take your car to our service center anytime for a full assessment.
  • Q: Does it take long to get an estimate? A: No, we can usually get your vehicle appraised in 30 minutes or less. We'll most certainly give you a written offer for the car on the same day you bring it in.
  • Q: Will the written offer be the same as the retail price? A: No. It's generally lower because of the costs applied for warranty coverage and reconditioning the vehicle.
  • Q: How long is the written offer good for? A: Once given you a written offer, it lasts seven days, so you have plenty of time to reconsider.
  • Q: How will I get paid for the car I sell? A: Volvo Cars Plymouth will hand you a bank draft as reimbursement for your vehicle.

Choose Your Next Luxury Vehicle from the Huge Inventories at Volvo Cars Plymouth

After we pay you for your old car, you can take the money and run or apply it to the purchase or lease of your next vehicle. Volvo Cars Plymouth has massive new and used inventories to choose from, and our friendly associates will explain all the new features to you. We also have professional financial assistants who will help you find the best payment plan for your budget. Contact us to sell your used car today.